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  The company is a Taiwanese investment in production and management of various types of high frequency machine series, ultrasonic series manufacturer, in Taiwan has a long history, operates four years, the early nineties to enter the mainland market. The company has strong technical force, a group of Yi Liu's professional talents, committed to product development, Zhizuo Jianceshouduan complete, using the most advanced Jin Kou Zhi Geleipeijian, the Shengchan of various Chanpinzhizao excellent, excellent performance, the   same deeply Guangdakehu praise.
The company's professional integrity for business purposes, continue to create a difficult, demanding, high standards of products: wood puzzle type, steel manufacturing category, knife treatment type, large inflatable, water-bed type, shower curtains, medical class, such as plastic welding class.

  The spirit of "a man speaking character, act in good quality" the enterprise spirit, conscious of each and every customer to meet the needs of pre-sales service.

  Rong Sheng ultrasound, global sales and service center:

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Dongguan Rongsheng Gaozhou Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Rongsheng High Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.

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