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Overview of high frequency

Release time:2020-07-30 source:Dongguan Rongsheng Gaozhou Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.
The high-frequency machine is the first choice for plastic heat sealing. It uses high-frequency electric field to make the molecules inside the plastic oscillate to generate heat energy to fuse various products. Mainly used for: all kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) TPU and other plastic welding, welding, bronzing, etc. Blister packaging (including upper and lower double blister heat sealing edge, blister and cardboard heat cutting edge, etc.), automotive interior parts, cushions, trademarks, stationery, stickers, plastic covers, inflatable toys, footwear products, rain sails, Heat-sealing processing of umbrellas, raincoats, leather bags, nameplates, waterbeds, sun visors, door panels, various packaging bags, soft hand bags, etc., and the suppression of patterns and letters of various bump switches. A simple device can also be used for bronzing.
product description:
The high-power high-frequency machine uses the high-voltage rectifier self-excited electronic tube to instantly generate an electromagnetic field to change the plastic molecules. Under the action of the external pressure and the mold, it can achieve the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, and embedding; the operation is easy to understand, easy to learn, and efficient It is many times that of ordinary small machines, suitable for welding and cutting large plastic products, with simpler process and more perfect effect.
Product Features:
Pneumatic control, simple and convenient operation; manual discharging and reclaiming; perfect and fast welding and cutting, high efficiency and good craftsmanship; suitable for welding and cutting large inflatable toys, car mats, sports goods and other products.

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