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What are the characteristics of ultrasound

Release time:2020-07-30 source:Dongguan Rongsheng Gaozhou Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.
1. When ultrasonic waves are propagating, the directionality is strong and the energy is easy to concentrate.

2. Ultrasonic waves can propagate in various media and can propagate far enough.

3. The interaction between the ultrasound and the sound transmission medium is moderate, and it is easy to carry information about the state of the sound transmission medium for diagnosis or produce effect and treatment on the sound transmission medium.

4. Ultrasonic waves can effectively propagate in gas, liquid, solid, solid melt and other media.

5. Ultrasound can transmit very strong energy.

6. Ultrasound will produce reflection, interference, superposition and resonance phenomena.

Scientists call the number of vibrations per second the frequency of sound, and its unit is hertz (Hz). The frequency of sound waves that our human ears can hear is 20Hz-20000Hz. Therefore, we call sound waves with a frequency higher than 20000 Hz as "ultrasound." The ultrasonic frequency usually used for medical diagnosis is 1 MHz-30 MHz.

Extended information:

Ultrasound has greater applications in military, medical and industrial applications. Its application can be divided into power ultrasound and detection ultrasound according to the size of power. The applications of power ultrasound include welding, drilling, crushing, cleaning, emulsification, etc. Most of them belong to ultrasound equipment that only emits and does not accept. At present, people still do not have a thorough understanding of the exact theory of ultrasonic processing.

The application of detection ultrasound in the military includes radar positioning and so on. Medical ultrasound can penetrate muscles and soft tissues, making this technology commonly used to scan many organs to assist in medical diagnosis and treatment. Obstetric ultrasound is also commonly used during pregnancy. Doctors can use ultrasound imaging to see through the body, but because ultrasound cannot penetrate bones, although ultrasound is less harmful to the human body, it still cannot completely replace X-rays. A typical ultrasonic wave has a frequency of about 2MHz to 10MHz, and the detection ultrasonic equipment has transmission and reception.

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