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High frequency maintenance and maintenance?

Release time:2020-07-30 source:Dongguan Rongsheng Gaozhou Ultrasonic Equipment Co., Ltd.

1. Check the water filter regularly;
2. If the machine is dusty, use the compressed air to clean the machine carefully, but the main power must be turned off;
Malfunction: Before checking, be sure to turn off the main power supply, because there are several thousand volts to tens of thousands of volts in the machine.
Phenomenon 1: Common red light (overload light)
the reason:
A) Damage to the lower mold insulation;
B) There are dirt, dust, and moisture on the work, the vibrating cylinder or the upper and lower molds that need to be cleaned;
C) Poor level of upper and lower molds;
D) The upper and lower molds have no insulation, but directly touch each other;
E) The input power is too high;
F) The vacuum tube is damaged or loose;
G) The over-power protection electronic board is damaged, the over-current protection board is the one with three main electrical appliances;
H) The coordinator is too large and the output is too high;
I) The work object is too large and exceeds the rated output of the same machine;
J) The temperature control part fails;
K) The high-voltage capacitor is damaged;
L) The insulating column (upper template) is damaged.
   Phenomenon 2: When high cycle output, the main power supply is disconnected or the fuse is blown
   the reason:
A) Vacuum tube failure
B) Transformer failure
C) Failure of high voltage rectifier board
D) Damaged three-phase magnetic switch
E) Short barrier of high voltage line
F) Electric heating plate failure
Phenomenon 3: No output
the reason:
A) Poor switch contact
B) Line failure
C) Vacuum tube failure
Phenomenon 4: Bad work
the reason:
A) Poor adjustment;
B) Mold problem
C) There is a problem with the plastic part (workpiece)
D) The insulation is too thick and the insulation is too high
Note: When the mold is pressed down and hits the lower mold, the grounded copper sheet must be pressed against the bottom plate, and the round copper sheet can be slightly deformed. If the grounding copper plate is not adjusted properly, this machine will not work stably. When changing a mold of a different height, the grounding copper piece needs to be adjusted again.

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